Saturday, 13 August 2011

Some of my recent card creations....

1: Golden Tickets Card.

This card I made quite simply, using Anita's 135mm square cards in cream. I used dye on the edges with gold and a coppery brown ink. The green pattered paper is from 7 Gypsies Conservatory Double-Sided Paper Pack 6 X6.  I used the gold ribbon off a chocolate box for the side, this went over a piece of torn cream paper, inked again with the gold and coppery brown dye and pattered with a floral graphic clear stamp in a mossy green. One thing though, get a larger ink pad of gold, silver and black, these are the ones I use more then the others.

Following this, I stamped 2  pieces of scrap brown card with a ticket clear stamping the same brown. .

Now, here is the tricky bit, the flowers. I used 8 circles of  Anita's Pearliest A4 card in Ivory, cut with X-Cut Punch Scallop Circ 5/8" . Scrunch them up. Then take 4 and one by one attach it to an ordinary gold brad (the ones you get in any office shop). Edge this with Gold ink.
The bigger flower is made with stencil made from chipboard pri-used stickers. The paper used is old green card from a scrapbook bought in a pound shop. I used a button, from my own random collection for the centre. The little brown flowers are brown card punched from EK Success small daisy.

2. Daintree Jade Card.

Daintree in Candem Street in Dublin is one of my favorite shops. It has so many pretty things! I recently purchased a "lucky bag" there in which I found this lovely Jade paper.

To make this card I used some Anita's 135mm square cards in white. Then made a smaller square of jade Core'dinations Card . On top of this I put a slightly smaller square of white card, which had the strip of cream and jade pattered paper (abouth and inch and a half wide) stuck to the fronto of it.

I used a small rectangle of the jade card, in the bottom right corner with white happy birthday stickers on it.

I then tied some jade organza ribbon over the card square. It's extreemly pretty!

Here is a simalar version in green, again paper from Daintree.

3. Big Blue Gem Flower Card.

For some reason flowers are very popular on cards, so heres another type of one.

Again, pretty easy to make. Use an 135mm square cream.Use some of the Core-ordination card in a dark yellow or orangey colour for a smaller inside square. Edge this square with an orangy brown ink.I then put a smaller inked square of poka dot paper ( from Papermania Paper Pack - Happy Birthday To You 6x6 ) Follow this with a blue paper rectangle, again inked, on top and then an inked green strip across the middle.

The flower is made from light pink scrapbook paper. 2 flower shapes are cut out using the stencle of chipboard and then inked with some pastel pink ink. Then, using the Xcut 3D Daisy Sillouette punch, make one daisy out of pale cream card and another from the oranngy core-dinations card, as used before. Ink these with the orangy ink and stick one on top another and then on the 2 pink flowers. In the centtre I used a big blue gem I got in a pack I found in Lidl, but a button or large brad works well too. In the left corner I stuck 3 little matching blue gems.

 I used leaves from a chip board sticker set I got, very pretty and 3d.
The letters are again stickesr. I find it always handy to have a good supply of letters, they are the things I run out of quickest!

I think thats enough instruction for the moment. I'll leave you with a selection of other cards I have made of late. hope they give inspiration to anyone wanting to make some cards.

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