Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Visual Art exibition (weekend of August 12th - 14th, Old School, Kinnegad, Co Westmeath) 12- 4 each day.

These are the photos I will be showing at the exibition. Mine are based on my Granparents who both passed away recently. I felt pictures which repersented them and how different, and yet the same in many waysthey were. It would be really nice to do. Here they are.

My granfather was a very precise man, he liked everything in its place, on time and organized (somthing didnt inheret!), so as you can see from pictures 1, 3, 5 and 7, order and neetness were a big part of his life. Also, as a farmer in rural Ireland in the 1920's and 30's, nature and outdoors went and in hand with his daily life, as did his great faith in God. Both my grandparents were very religious, which is very normal I suppose for anyone who grew up in a hudgely catholic country before Vatican II. I tried to show that in all of the pictures.
My Grandad passed away in March, he was 102 and was still very aware of what was going on. He died in his sleep and in no pain, it was a bit sudden, but at such an age we were all so thankful for the extra time we had with him.
My Granny had passed away last year. However, she was 97 when she died, so she had lived a long eventful life too. Where my Granfather had been precice and particular, my granny had not. She worked hard on the farm and rared her children well, but she was a very outgoing, friendly woman. She loved her cup of tea and when neighbours or relatives would come to visit. When she was young she was always playing tricks on people and often had cards nights in her house. I tried to show this in pictures 2, 4, 6 and 8, the contrast in her personality to that of my granfather. Her kitchen was a bit more cluttered, it didnt matter if things werent folded and she would walk through the feild to my uncles house rather than the road.
But still both of them were in it together. They both spent their last days in the same nursing home under the care of lovely staff and right beside where their son and grandson had trained to be farmers and married their wives. I think this exibition will be a nice way of remebering them and their life as it was and still is in a way with us.

As I said, the exibition is on Aug 12-14th in the old school in Kinnegad. there is lots of other visual art apart from mine, some about music and others on recession buildings, so its pretty varied. please check it out :)

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