Thursday, 24 November 2011

Owed to Benefit Cosmetics

  The prettiest packs, the dinkiest displays, original names and long lasting, comfortable make up. I'm in love with Benefit Cosmetics

My Top 5 Products.
1. Erase Paste

erase paste

I think this stuff is genius. I've a birthmark on my face and I find it hard to cover or tone down with something that will last ages. I got this in a pack last year for my birthday and its been bril! It stays put, its not heavy or cakey and it doesn't separate. Great gift!
some kind-a gorgeous

2. Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation.

It goes on paste and drys to light powder. Like Erase Paste its excellent for covering blotchy skin and uneven tone and its not heavy or greasy. It also matches to your skin tone, so there's no orangeness to worry about!

3. Poise Tint Cheek & Lip Stain.
It's shimmery, it smells nice, it works for your lips and cheeks. Thats all good in my book. The only little thing I would hold against it is its a bit runny and can separate as a lip stain. I'd like to try the darker one as I think it would suit me better as I have pale skin.

BADgal lash mascara

4. BADGal Lash Mascara

Maybe its just me, I don't seem to do well with mascara. Its thick and dark and it covers very well, but getting a mascara again it would not be my first choice. Its nice for a night out, as you don't come home with smudges under your eyes (unless some fella's just been a bastard to ya!). But id say all day it wouldn't work.

smokin' eyes

 5. Smokin Eyes.

Again, a present. I love presents from benefit, but I have only used this twice. Unfortuatly I looked like a Panda after I tried to do the smokiness, so now I only really use the brow kit.  I think with a little more practice I might get better.

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